Alexa Communications Setup

To use the Alexa drop-in, message and calls features it is necessary to pre-configure a few options using the Alexa app.

Open the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone. If not yet installed it can be installed from the Android or iOS app stores. A browser-based version is also available online but does not provide access to all options.

The following Alexa app screens are based on an iOS device but the version for Android is similar. Some options might differ based upon device type and platform.

From the menu select Devices>All devices

Select the Device name then option Communication


From the menu select Contacts>My Communication Settings

After enabling communications follow the instructions to verify the mobile number. You should receive a one time code to your mobile device and will need to enter it to validate the number.

Note:If you subsequently need to change the mobile number you might need to contact customer services for assistance.

Now return to the Alexa app contact list and for each contact, you wish to communicate via Alexa verify their contact details are correct via route Contacts>Contact name. If the contact was imported from your mobile device some details might need to be amended vai your smartphone contacts app.

Contacts List

Now the communications feature is setup you need to test its working by asking Alexa to call one of your contacts by asking.

Alexa, Call [accountname]

To call an Alexa device the recipient will also need to enable communications on their devices similar to above.

The following is a simple example of the interactions that should occur if the setup is correct.

Alexa Call

For similar examples using messaging and drop-in see this article.