Alexa Communications

Alexa capabilities include the ability to communicate with other users’ via calls, messages and, device drop-ins.

To use any of these features requires a mobile phone number and pre-configuration before use.

Note: After Alexa communication is configured it might be necessary to contact customer services to update the mobile number.


These are similar to a two-way intercom and typically used to drop into another device within the same Alexa account.

  • the recipient must have enabled the drop-in feature for the drop-in initiator.
  • the recipient can enable drop-in for selective devices
  • if enabled the connection is automatically activated without asking the recipient for permission
  • when using account name drop-in is to the last device the recipient used with drop-in enabled

Alexa request formatExample
Alexa, drop-in [Account Name] Alexa, drop-in Mary Jones.
Alexa, drop-in [Device Name] Alexa, drop-in office
Alexa, hang up


This feature allows audio, video and text messages to be sent to another Alexa user’s devices and mobile phone. The recipient does not need to be available and will receive a notification on all enabled devices including the mobile phone assigned to the Alexa communications feature with a link to the message. An Echo dot will provide an indication of a new message with a yellow pulsating light.

Alexa request formatExample
Alexa, send a message
Alexa, message [contactname] Alexa, message Mary Jones.

Text messages can also be sent/read and replied to using the Alexa App.

Send message interaction example

Send message interaction

Read/reply message interaction example

Read/Reply message interaction

Audio and video calls

These are live audio/video communications between a caller and recipient.

The recipient receives a call announcement and can either Accept or Reject the call.

Alexa request formatExample
Alexa, call [contactname].Alexa, call Mary Jones.
Alexa, call [phone number].Alexa, call 123 456 789,
Alexa, call [devicename].Alexa, call the office.
Alexa Call

Communications Setup

Please see the following article for more details on how to enable these features