Cognito Forms – brief review

Cognito Forms is an easy to use online form builder.

The product allows relatively complex forms to be created that support repeated sections, file uploads etc. You can also integrate forms with your business website.

A free plan is available which includes several advanced control types not offered by competitors competing products.

Cognito Forms Portal

Repeated Section Feature

The list of features includes

  • calculated fields
  • conditional logic
  • file uploads
  • multi page forms
  • repeating sections
  • electronic signatures (paid plans only)
  • removable Cognito Forms Branding (paid plans only)
  • data export
  • accept payments via Stripe and others
  • integrations using webhooks and Zapier
  • GDPR compliant
  • embed forms within your own website
  • WordPress plugin
  • form templates

Publishing your Form

Published forms can be embed on your website or published as a link to use on your website and social media pages.

To obtain the unique published details simply access the vendors portal and select the form #1. Select the #2 Publish tab

Embeded Form

This method displays the form within your website.

Copy the code in (4) above and paste into a page on your website.

You can also customise the form CSS classes and add them to the
CSS file for your website

Form Url link

Copy the link in (3) above.

This URL can be published and the user will be taken direct to Cognito Forms website to submit the form details.


several advanced features available in Free version. E.G. repeated sections

send form submissions to Zapier. You can then create zaps to process the form data with ability to store data and files externally.

Also supports Microsoft Flow. also provides integrations although these do currently appear to be mentioned on the website.

can setup webhook url which sends JSON data on successful form submission. The data can then be used with third party integrations or via custom code.

can customise CSS

entries have a status field which can be used to filter records etc. Status can be submitted, incomplete, reviewed and complete

entries can be amended via vendors portal.


API Access to entries does not appear to be available, E.G. Get, delete entries.

free version includes Branding

documentation unclear on how to access file uploads when using webhooks however Zapier offers an integration that can save the uploaded files (files stored in single zip file format) to Google drive and other cloud storage services. Note:This link suggests that files cannot be downloaded via integration apps using a free account

form builder does not appear to provide undo feature

does not appear to be possible to customise HTML


Cognito Forms has many great features even in the free version and is
particularly suitable for more complex forms. Form data submitted can be accessed externally using thirds party integrations like Zapier. The submitted data can also be accessed via published webhooks and within the vendors portal.

Why not try Cognito Forms today?