Custom Google Maps

Did you know you can create a custom google map complete with your own markers, images and areas?

The result is a dynamic map you can send via email or maybe post on a web page. All you need is a registered Google account.

Custom Google Map

You can find the official instructions for creating a custom map here but the basic steps using Windows and Google Chrome browser are outlined below.

#1 – open google maps in browser

login or create an account

#2 – click on Your places

#4 – click on Create Map link at bottom

#6 amend the defaults for map title etc.

#9 – locate your area of interest via search

#10 – add one or more custom markers

#13 – you can also add one or more images to your markers

#16 – customise the marker icon and colours

#17 – select the base map type

#18,#19 – adjust the layer title etc.

#22 – add shapes to highlight areas of interest

#23 – preview the results

#25 – create a shareable link to the map for sending by email, web page link, etc.

#26 – to share with Any user you need to select the option

#29 – final map output (viewer mode)