Online bookings using TIMIFY

TIMIFY is one of numerous online appointment scheduling services available online.

The service offers free and premium versions.

The premium versions includes several features missing from the free version including

  • automated email reminders
  • recurring bookings daily, weekly etc
  • group bookings
  • removal of vendor branding
  • booking history
  • custom fields
  • shift and holiday planner
  • calendar sync
  • invoicing
  • mobile apps with offline access
  • notifications

Sample App

This article investigates how TIMIFY could be used to set up online bookings for a small fictitious company offering dog walking services to clients.

Typical services might include

  • dog walking group sessions where multiple clients can signup for an individual group session
  • individual walk for an individual dog
  • additional travelling time before and after session to pickup and return pet to client

This can be implemented within TIMIFY using the group bookings feature which requires the premium edition.

Admin Setup Process for Group Bookings

Sample App Client Booking Form

The client is guided thru the booking process using a multiple step form with the ability to navigate to the previous step.

The steps include

1#Select Service Required

#2 Select the date/time/employee for session

#3 Request Contact Info

#4 Confirm Booking

#5 Confirm booking status and allow client to Add to personal Calendar


Can take bookings without having your own web site using custom webpage provided by vendor

Integrate booking button with Facebook, WordPress and other popular apps

Bookings can be subject to mandatory or optional payments if you have/create a Stripe payment account. (subject to transaction fees)


Documentation and videos are available but not extensive. Searching for keywords WordPress integration, payment on the support site does not find any related content.

The TIMIFY Developer API is not available even with the Premium edition

Might need to consider process flow if client wishes to book a series of sessions.


TIMIFY has some great features even for free. The Premium edition can be used where appointments are irregular and can accept group bookings from multiple clients.

Why not try TIMIFY today?