Public Transport Access Points

The Department for Transport publishes a dataset of access points to public transport daily. The dataset includes public bus stops, rail stations, airports, taxi ranks, etc.

Commonly referred to as the NaPTAN (National Public Transport Access Node) the dataset can be downloaded for the complete UK or specific local authority.

Each access point in the dataset includes a unique 12 character AtcoCode where the 3 digit prefix identifies the Area. e.g. 010000060

Most access points also include a unique seven or eight character NaPTANCode which is designed for public-facing systems and SMS use. e.g. bstgamg

It can be difficult to find AtcoCode’s and NaPTAN on timetables or at access points but they are often used in conjunction with QR codes (Quick Response codes) to access schedule information from a mobile device.

You can also make a record of the link including code and access using a web browser when an online connection is available.

For more details on the NaPTAN dataset see