radzen – In Brief

Note: This review was updated in June 2020 based on the latest Radzen features implemented. Some screens might have changed since originally created.

Radzen is a low code development platform from radzen for creating responsive web and mobile applications (online). It uses popular open-source frameworks ASP.NET Core, Blazor, Angular, Bootstrap and TypeScript and can be debugged using VS Code or VS Studio.

To create a new app you just need to input the app name and folder then select from the available options

Create App

CRUD pages can be automatically created by selecting a data source and Inferring the schema.

Select Data Source
Data Source

Once generated automatically generated CRUD pages can be customized by setting page and field properties. Custom code can be included by assigning event handler actions.

Employee Details
Design time – Employee Details

Employee Details
Runtime – Employee Grid


  • generated code uses popular C#, VB.NET and Typescript languages
  • includes support for user management and security
  • full feature sample applications Samples on Github
  • generated code can be amended and debugged using popular VS Code and Visual studio
  • CRUD page generator can access SQL database, OData, Swagger and REST services
  • code is automatically regenerated each time app is run but specific pages can be excluded
  • uses popular technologies ASP.NET Core, Blazor, Angular, Bootstrap and TypeScript
  • Community edition free forever but limited to 1 app and automatic page generator not available
  • generated apps can be deployed to IIS, Azure or Linux server without additional licensing costs
  • data export to MS Excel formats
  • radzen provide responsive support via a public forum and subscribers can email support team direct
  • SQL reporting services integration
  • page templates for data grid with form, master-detail, data grid scheduler, etc
  • prebuilt components for file upload, google maps, progress bar, accordions, tabs, steps, signature, data grids with paging, scheduler, tree, SSRS, validators, charts, etc
  • angular pages based on popular ngprime components
  • form can be converted to form template which gives additional customizations


  • assumes an existing database exists. Entity Framework Core Code can be used by creating a separate console project to define the database
  • themes are preconfigured. Some themes can be customized.
  • default security does not include all features like account lockout
  • subscription cost for extended features and support. e.g. CRUD page generator


With Radzen it is both quick and easy to generate CRUD based applications which will be deployed to IIS and other platforms without additional licensing costs.

.NET Core 3.1 is now supported and the Blazor version has become very popular allowing interactive web apps to be developed using C# instead of javascript.

Download the 15 day trial version of Radzen Professional and get started today.