Signing a PDF document

PDF is a popular file format for sharing documents online and can be viewed on most devices.

You might receive PDF documents which contain fields you need to fill-in and sign prior to returning the updated PDF electronically.

The free Acrobat Reader app available from Adobe or the mobile app stores for mobile devices makes this easy.

Process steps

  • open PDF in Acrobat reader
  • click on Fill & Sign tool in right pane of Acrobat reader or under edit option on mobile
  • for each form field click field and enter text
  • to Sign PDF click Sign in toolbar #1, Add Signature #2. If not available click on Fill & Sign
  • select an option Type, Draw or Image. (To use a scanned signature select image and upload image)
  • once complete click on apply #5 then select the added signature #6
  • select the signature to move and resize to fit the available space #7
  • save the PDF document

#1 – Signature tool


#3 Select how to create the signature

#6 Menu allows selection of signature to use

#7 Move and resize the signature as required

#8 Final result but remember to save PDF